Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tree Plantation with a difference

If you are interested in plantation of trees and need to do it with a difference or involve your kids, I’d suggest do it as some schools in pune have done.

Ask your child to collect seeds of all fruits they eat. These seeds anyways go in the dust bin lets try to put it to a different use.

Specifically ask them not to collect more than 2 seeds of each type of fruit. This way they will try to eat more fruits, which would be good for them too.

Once they have collected the seeds. Ask them to collect empty milk bags. The milk bags after using the milk also end up in the dust bin, so we will put these to some use too. (btw did we know that the milk bags are recyclable?)

Now that we have most of the required ingredients to plant trees, cut open the milk bags from one end and fill it with soil, water it and place the seeds into the moist soil.

Once you have done it, place the bags in some cool and moist area, I would suggest some place in the bathroom for this as this place is moist and cool.

Place the planted seeds bags into the desired area. and wait for a couple of days, as soon as you start seeing sprouts take them out of the bathroom or the area and put it in a place where they get bright light

If the area you are putting them into has sunlight make sure that its not there for more than a couple of hours as the sapplings would be delicate and young.

When they grow to about a feet or two, go ahead an plant them outside on a rainy day so that they survive.

Your kids will be seeing the sapplings grow before their eyes. Soon they would be yeilding fruits for themselves and the birds.

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