Sunday, February 24, 2008

J J park, Camp, Pune

Continuing the series of gardens or parks in pune, this week I visited the J J park, its located just off M.G Road in Pune.

The jogging track with "concrete wood".

The park has a large children play area and is recently undergoing renovation. Its bang opposite the Parsi Agiyari or the Parsi Fire temple.

There are various animal and bird sculptures in the park.

The center of the park is a big fountain (it wasnt working).

The lawn is a bit dry but still green. There are some nice sayings stuck on the trees around making you think about one's self.
The main issue about this park is that there is no toilet inside the park.

The parking is a pain as its too crowded esp on the weekends as the M.G Road becomes a walking plaza. So in case you are coming on a vehicle then do ensure to come a bit early or scout around for a place to park.

The park has an entry fee of Rs 1 per person above 10 yrs age.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Raja Mantri Park

Raja Mantri Park or the Raja Mantri Udyan is a stone's throw from the busy Null stop at the Erandawane gaonthan in Pune
Raja  Mantri Park, Pune
The park is very neat and has some small artificial water bodies in it. There are a couple of fountains making the garden a pretty spot.

There is a very low entry fee of Rs 1 per adult and Fifty paise per kid. I actually like the fact that there is an entry fee. Atleast it offsets some of the costs and usually these gardens are well maintained.

They have 2 small artificial islands inside the garden. Like the one above, there is a place to sit inside the island for a group upto 6. Below picture shows a good bamboo grove very neatly kept.
There is a group of elderly persons meeting and its was a pleasant sight to see those in their evening years come to the beautifully kept garden to relax and enjoy the beauty of the same.
Next to the Garden is a nice temple.

You can also take beautiful dusk pictures here like the one above.
Visiting this garden makes the evening worth it.

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