Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maharana Pratap Udyan/Garden, Pune

Maharana Pratap Udyan / Garden is a single park Garden located off the busy Bajirao Road, and a stone's throw from the Tilak road.

Dedicated to Maharana Pratap the valiant fighter, the garden is one of the few gardens in the Peth area.

The garden has a nice play area and seats in the play area for parent to sit while supervision. The play area equipment is in very good shape and so is most of the garden.

The garden is well maintained with a circular walking path laced with interlocking tiles. Next to the garden is the Rajasthani Papad house, worth visiting for the long and almost never ending list of papads.

There are a couple of Christmas Trees in the gardens, on the weekend there is a vendor of balloons near the gate, and you can see so many children playing balloons.

Entry: Entry is free
Parking: parking might be a task, parking on the road is the only option be careful of where you park the vehicle as it might be towed away.
Facilities: Drinking Water fountain, Toilets, shady area in case it rains
Where is it?: Map itwikimapia

Ghorpade Garden, Pune

Ghorpade Garden or better known as Ghorpade Udyan is a stone's throw from the extremely busy Swargate. This is the one of the few gardens in the peth area (Ghorpade Peth)
Though just under a km from Swargate, its located in extremely quite area. Ghorpade udyan is spread over 4 Acres with the Ghorpade educational institution in the premises. My trip to Ghorpade udyan was a pleasant surprise.
There were some pieces of the garden which were extremely well thought of but are not easily noticed. One such piece was the mosaic designs on the floor. Another was the use of the blocks of stones in the garden. The stones were well placed in the garden.

There was a mystic fountain around the mystic fountain in the Ghorpade udyan, was a water body and a chug chug train. The chug chug train fare is cheap just one rupee making it affordable even to those less fortunate. Next to the chug chug train is a "patio" covered with vines its one of the few places where you actually get to see a beautiful walking path away from the sun.
The water body and small streams of water flowing around the edge of the garden gives a great sight.

The Ghorpade udyan has 3 sections of parks. One of them has an old dead tree which had a "tree-house" on the top.

The play area is small and needs a bit of repairs. It has a couple of broad slides, swings and a satellite. There is a well next to the play area.
In one of the parks in the garden you can see students studying while one has mostly elderly persons.

The view of the mystic fountain through the line of palm trees is a very nice treat for the eyes.
there are 2 small bridges which are pretty interesting for the kids.

For those interested in walking there is a good round walking path. The walking path is reasonably wide.
So where is it?: Map it
When to go? Anytime but avoid Sunday evenings as its pretty crowded esp the chug chug train.
Facilities: Toilets, free entry
Parking: Parking space is limited but is possible to park inside the park, (if you go from the rear side)

Someshwarwadi Garden, Pune

Someshwarwadi garden is next to the Someshwar Mahadev temple also know as the Pashas Mahadev Temple. The garden is locate between baner and Pashan sus road. Probably the only garden in this area.
The temple is an pretty old temple and reasonably well maintained state. The temple and the garden adjoining it are on the banks of Ram nadi or the Ram River.

The garden is huge as considered by the Pune standards and pleasantly not crowded. the lack of buildings in the landscape reminds us of the botanical garden of Ooty.
Infact thats the first thing that came to mind when I visited the garden. The walkway is wide enough for a couple of people walking but its not circular. i.e. its more of a strip like instead of circular.

The garden has a small skating ring (but was not in a good shape) which can be used for some kids performance. There is a Ganesh temple in the park.
Palm trees in a line provide a good visual treat. The good part is that since there are less kids / people visiting this park there is a lot of space available for those visiting. There were many playing Badminton in the Someshwarwadi garden.
Wide open spaces is now rare to find in pune. Ideal for kite flying or flying motorized airplanes.

The sunset was very interesting with the sun peeping from the hills behind the garden and between the trees.

There is a play area for kids and some "camping" was also available. They had a "House" for the kids to play which is not available in any other park I visited.

Map it:Its here

Monday, December 08, 2008

Mistakes to avoid when investing in stocks / Mutual Funds

A common mistake that most investors make while investing in the stock
markets is getting carried away.
Below are the list of mistakes that need to be avoided when investing in stocks.
1. Monitor your profit / loss on a day to day basis.
You should never monitor your profit / loss on a day to day basis but
more on a year to year basis
2. Sell when the markets crash
Selling when the markets crash is like giving your stocks to others.
Infact you must take this opportunity to purchase.
The bigger the fall the better rates you get when purchasing.
3. Not booking profits.
When you invest say 1000 Rs and the stock rises to a value of 1200 Rs
in 2 months this may be a opportunity to sell as you got 20% return in
2 months or effective 120% return in a year.

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