Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maharana Pratap Udyan/Garden, Pune

Maharana Pratap Udyan / Garden is a single park Garden located off the busy Bajirao Road, and a stone's throw from the Tilak road.

Dedicated to Maharana Pratap the valiant fighter, the garden is one of the few gardens in the Peth area.

The garden has a nice play area and seats in the play area for parent to sit while supervision. The play area equipment is in very good shape and so is most of the garden.

The garden is well maintained with a circular walking path laced with interlocking tiles. Next to the garden is the Rajasthani Papad house, worth visiting for the long and almost never ending list of papads.

There are a couple of Christmas Trees in the gardens, on the weekend there is a vendor of balloons near the gate, and you can see so many children playing balloons.

Entry: Entry is free
Parking: parking might be a task, parking on the road is the only option be careful of where you park the vehicle as it might be towed away.
Facilities: Drinking Water fountain, Toilets, shady area in case it rains
Where is it?: Map itwikimapia

Ghorpade Garden, Pune

Ghorpade Garden or better known as Ghorpade Udyan is a stone's throw from the extremely busy Swargate. This is the one of the few gardens in the peth area (Ghorpade Peth)
Though just under a km from Swargate, its located in extremely quite area. Ghorpade udyan is spread over 4 Acres with the Ghorpade educational institution in the premises. My trip to Ghorpade udyan was a pleasant surprise.
There were some pieces of the garden which were extremely well thought of but are not easily noticed. One such piece was the mosaic designs on the floor. Another was the use of the blocks of stones in the garden. The stones were well placed in the garden.

There was a mystic fountain around the mystic fountain in the Ghorpade udyan, was a water body and a chug chug train. The chug chug train fare is cheap just one rupee making it affordable even to those less fortunate. Next to the chug chug train is a "patio" covered with vines its one of the few places where you actually get to see a beautiful walking path away from the sun.
The water body and small streams of water flowing around the edge of the garden gives a great sight.

The Ghorpade udyan has 3 sections of parks. One of them has an old dead tree which had a "tree-house" on the top.

The play area is small and needs a bit of repairs. It has a couple of broad slides, swings and a satellite. There is a well next to the play area.
In one of the parks in the garden you can see students studying while one has mostly elderly persons.

The view of the mystic fountain through the line of palm trees is a very nice treat for the eyes.
there are 2 small bridges which are pretty interesting for the kids.

For those interested in walking there is a good round walking path. The walking path is reasonably wide.
So where is it?: Map it
When to go? Anytime but avoid Sunday evenings as its pretty crowded esp the chug chug train.
Facilities: Toilets, free entry
Parking: Parking space is limited but is possible to park inside the park, (if you go from the rear side)

Someshwarwadi Garden, Pune

Someshwarwadi garden is next to the Someshwar Mahadev temple also know as the Pashas Mahadev Temple. The garden is locate between baner and Pashan sus road. Probably the only garden in this area.
The temple is an pretty old temple and reasonably well maintained state. The temple and the garden adjoining it are on the banks of Ram nadi or the Ram River.

The garden is huge as considered by the Pune standards and pleasantly not crowded. the lack of buildings in the landscape reminds us of the botanical garden of Ooty.
Infact thats the first thing that came to mind when I visited the garden. The walkway is wide enough for a couple of people walking but its not circular. i.e. its more of a strip like instead of circular.

The garden has a small skating ring (but was not in a good shape) which can be used for some kids performance. There is a Ganesh temple in the park.
Palm trees in a line provide a good visual treat. The good part is that since there are less kids / people visiting this park there is a lot of space available for those visiting. There were many playing Badminton in the Someshwarwadi garden.
Wide open spaces is now rare to find in pune. Ideal for kite flying or flying motorized airplanes.

The sunset was very interesting with the sun peeping from the hills behind the garden and between the trees.

There is a play area for kids and some "camping" was also available. They had a "House" for the kids to play which is not available in any other park I visited.

Map it:Its here

Monday, December 08, 2008

Mistakes to avoid when investing in stocks / Mutual Funds

A common mistake that most investors make while investing in the stock
markets is getting carried away.
Below are the list of mistakes that need to be avoided when investing in stocks.
1. Monitor your profit / loss on a day to day basis.
You should never monitor your profit / loss on a day to day basis but
more on a year to year basis
2. Sell when the markets crash
Selling when the markets crash is like giving your stocks to others.
Infact you must take this opportunity to purchase.
The bigger the fall the better rates you get when purchasing.
3. Not booking profits.
When you invest say 1000 Rs and the stock rises to a value of 1200 Rs
in 2 months this may be a opportunity to sell as you got 20% return in
2 months or effective 120% return in a year.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Odd and even dates parking

I have observed in Pune and at other places in India and abroad we have parking on alternate side of the roads on odd and even dates. If the road is bidirectional without a divider then this approach makes sense. The common sense lacks when there is a divider.

In the presence of divider dividing the road (almost equally) the day there is no parking on the side of the road the road will have more usable space while the other side of the road will have less space.see the image below to see if it makes sense.... Comments welcome

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Force reload an image using javascript

When we try to reload the image using JavaScript it does not work due to the browser caching the image.

The workaround for this is to append a "#" at the end of the image path ie say the image is
<img src="" id="captcha" /><a href="javascript://document.getElementById().src+='#'">Reload</a>

This way we fool the browser to think its a different image and the browser reloads the image. Simple eh?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

[Solved] Update symantec Anitvirus definitions using command line or command prompt

Sometimes you may either not be able to update the anti virus definitions via the GUI.
One reason could be the GUI may not be visible / is disabled.
Another reason could be that the you may want to schedule it.
Either way the way to run it is to open a command prompt and go to the Symantec antivirus directory and then execute the VPDN_LU.exe.
This file will start the antivirus definition update process.

Happy keeping your antivirus updated.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free New year sms messages

Here is a nice collection of Happy New Year SMS messages I received. You are free to use the messages to send it to your friends and relatives.

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All the Stars wish u a Very Happy New Year

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3Years come n go,but this year I specially wish 4 u a double dose of health n happiness topped with loads of good fortune. Have a gr8 year ahead!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (New year SMS)

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7I Wish in 2oo9 You get...
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sun--Tommorrows possibilities! May u have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! (New year SMS)

9My wishes for you, Great start for Jan,Love for Feb,Peace for march,No worries for April Fun for May,Joy for June to Nov,Happiness for Dec,Have a lucky and wonderful 2009.(New year SMS)

10Before the golden sun sets,
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I wish in 2009 every moment is enjoyed (New year SMS)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tree Plantation with a difference

If you are interested in plantation of trees and need to do it with a difference or involve your kids, I’d suggest do it as some schools in pune have done.

Ask your child to collect seeds of all fruits they eat. These seeds anyways go in the dust bin lets try to put it to a different use.

Specifically ask them not to collect more than 2 seeds of each type of fruit. This way they will try to eat more fruits, which would be good for them too.

Once they have collected the seeds. Ask them to collect empty milk bags. The milk bags after using the milk also end up in the dust bin, so we will put these to some use too. (btw did we know that the milk bags are recyclable?)

Now that we have most of the required ingredients to plant trees, cut open the milk bags from one end and fill it with soil, water it and place the seeds into the moist soil.

Once you have done it, place the bags in some cool and moist area, I would suggest some place in the bathroom for this as this place is moist and cool.

Place the planted seeds bags into the desired area. and wait for a couple of days, as soon as you start seeing sprouts take them out of the bathroom or the area and put it in a place where they get bright light

If the area you are putting them into has sunlight make sure that its not there for more than a couple of hours as the sapplings would be delicate and young.

When they grow to about a feet or two, go ahead an plant them outside on a rainy day so that they survive.

Your kids will be seeing the sapplings grow before their eyes. Soon they would be yeilding fruits for themselves and the birds.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to find latitude and longitude of a place in google maps

Found a place in google and need to know the latitude and longitude of the place? Its simpler than it looks.
This works only if you found the place by searching, else you you will get the coordinates of the place in the center.
If the place is not in the center, right click the place you want and click "center map here"
once you have done it paste the below code in the browser URL


you will get an alert like below where the first value is the latitude and the second is the longitude.

Like the tip, would appreciate a link back.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stock Tip: Savita Chemicals

Savita Chemicals Ltd. The script gives pretty good trading opportunities if one waits for 1 to 2 months or so.

Stock Tip From bhagyesh

Even if one is not interested in trading then some fundamentals

Dividend of 115% ie 11.5 Rs per share (Face value Rs 10)

Current market value Rs 262
ie around 4.4/4.5 percent tax free returns in a couple of days

Record date 28th Aug 2008 (I would not suggest this option at the current price as the price fluctuation is pretty high and would easily give you 20% returns (by being able to purchase it cheaper) in a couple of days.

I’d suggest purchasing this around 220 (should be in a week or so) and selling it in 10 days post purchase (or when the spike occurs)

Caution the number of shares being traded is pretty low so make sure you are able to sell / buy it when you want.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the tip I suggest, you take it as a risk of your own.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

List of the best RSS blog directories

I was looking around for some blog directories and rss submission sites I thought I might share the ones that I managed to find so that its all on one page for someone like you to view.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Solution to Cisco VPN Client get stuck at "Securing Communications Channel..."

This typically happens when there are more than 1 network adapters, cisco VPN client connected fine but is not able to establish a 2 way comminucation channel.
There is a workaround for this.
Open the control panel,
Open network Connections,
Select the currently active network adapter. right click and select properties. In the dialog that opens, without changing anything select ok, this will force the cisco VPN service to bind to the current adapter, try connecting now and you should be good. You might have to "kill" the existing partly established connection to retry.

Hope it helps

[Edited on 25th June 2008] Another workaround for this was to go to the command line and run it like vpnclient connect some how this should have been the same as above but if the above doesnt work, this works.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Google maps bug

Today I was trying to search for some place in google maps, by mistake instead of the url, I typed in side the search box and showed up with the search word as ""

to rectify the problem, I hit the maps link on top and found a bug in google.

Try it and have fun before the folks at google find out.

btw: make sure that its and not

Sunday, February 24, 2008

J J park, Camp, Pune

Continuing the series of gardens or parks in pune, this week I visited the J J park, its located just off M.G Road in Pune.

The jogging track with "concrete wood".

The park has a large children play area and is recently undergoing renovation. Its bang opposite the Parsi Agiyari or the Parsi Fire temple.

There are various animal and bird sculptures in the park.

The center of the park is a big fountain (it wasnt working).

The lawn is a bit dry but still green. There are some nice sayings stuck on the trees around making you think about one's self.
The main issue about this park is that there is no toilet inside the park.

The parking is a pain as its too crowded esp on the weekends as the M.G Road becomes a walking plaza. So in case you are coming on a vehicle then do ensure to come a bit early or scout around for a place to park.

The park has an entry fee of Rs 1 per person above 10 yrs age.
Where is it?Map it

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Raja Mantri Park

Raja Mantri Park or the Raja Mantri Udyan is a stone's throw from the busy Null stop at the Erandawane gaonthan in Pune
Raja  Mantri Park, Pune
The park is very neat and has some small artificial water bodies in it. There are a couple of fountains making the garden a pretty spot.

There is a very low entry fee of Rs 1 per adult and Fifty paise per kid. I actually like the fact that there is an entry fee. Atleast it offsets some of the costs and usually these gardens are well maintained.

They have 2 small artificial islands inside the garden. Like the one above, there is a place to sit inside the island for a group upto 6. Below picture shows a good bamboo grove very neatly kept.
There is a group of elderly persons meeting and its was a pleasant sight to see those in their evening years come to the beautifully kept garden to relax and enjoy the beauty of the same.
Next to the Garden is a nice temple.

You can also take beautiful dusk pictures here like the one above.
Visiting this garden makes the evening worth it.

Where is it?Map it

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Japanese garden aka Pu La Deshpande Garden

Continuing the series of gardens in Pune, this week I visited the Pu la Deshpande garden on Sinhghad Road, Pune. the garden is also know as the Pune Okayama Friendship Garden or the Japanese Garden.

The entrance to the garden has a wall decently cut stones and laid very beautifully.

The visit to the garden was a pretty pleasant one with the entry fee of Rs 5/-. The garden was surprisingly clean with security guards.

The excursion map showing the best route to enjoy the garden.

The garden is just touching the sinhghad road and has ample of parking space, the parking charges are Rs 5 for a four wheeler and Rs 2 for a two wheeler. There is drinking water and restrooms available. The restrooms were pretty neat.

Pines arranged make a neat sight with the water flowing near them.

There grass in the garden is also lush green and well maintained. There are enough wooden benches to sit and some even covered places just in case of Rain / Sun.

Water falls are a typical of Japanese gardens.

Japanese Gardens are the most beautiful and highly developed of all present day gardens. They are known for their elegant naturalism and charm.

The water was extremely cool and clear, infact this was the most clear water I saw in a Japanese garden.

The Pune Okayama Friendship Garden is based on one of the major gardens of Japan i.e. "The Korakuen Garden" in Okayama City, Japan. The Korakuen Garden has a history of 300 proud years. The Pune Okayama Friendship Garden is spread over 10 acres, representing the culture & intricate ideologies of an authentic Japanese Garden.

The characteristics of the garden are a composition of fire, harmony, Line, spirit world and water. Thus the garden expresses the various elements to speak about light and darkness, soft and hard, stillness and motion, warm and cold. It is based on the Yin and Yang phiLosophy. The wide Lawns express the space, which enhances the elements with a great foreground.

To experience the great vistas, the simple Lines are incorporated in the planning to give direction and system to the visitor’s flow. The garden recreates the spirit of Zen. It has rice and coffee plantation, thus it is a place to see and enjoy the spirit world and can also involve the visitors to take part in the institutions in it. in the park.

Where is it: Map it

Monday, January 07, 2008

Model Colony Lake aka Lakaki Lake

This weekend I visited a beautiful place in a beautiful city. Lakaki lake or the Model colony lake as people call it is a stone's throw from the busy Ganeshkind road

and the F.C Road. This was a place like an oasis in the desert of busy streets. The lakaki lake is on it's way to becoming one of Pune's most beautiful natural reserves without a doubt, with gentle grassy mounds and green shrubs encircling the lake.
Bhagyesh's trips around pune
Walking path: Over three quarters of the lakes circumference is a railing and a walkway. The walkway is covered by trees on one side and is laid with stones.

No Hawking Zone: There are no hawkers allowed (at least as of the moment).
Silence Zone: The lake falls in a silent zone due to nearly 100% residential area around it.
Timings: 6am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm

Birds: The lake has some birds in the water and the trees are such that encourage the birds of different kinds to come in.
Bhagyesh's Visit to Model colony lake
You can take amazing sunset and sunrise photos from the lakaki lake.
Cleanliness: The lake was reasonably clean with just around 2 bottles seen in it, btw the lake has a No Plastics policy

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