Friday, March 27, 2009

xmlHttp and responseXML

Often folks trip on a simple thing like not sending the correct case where most stumble in the absence of a framework which requires you to define the content type is responseXML fails on Ajax Calls.
When we send response of an ajax request as XML we need to ensure that the content type is properly defined as "text/xml" failing which the responseXML method returns null. (note the responseText still works fine)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taljai Tekdi, SahakarNagar, Pune

A Jungle in a concrete Jungle is the first thing that comes to mind when you visit the Taljai Tekdi at SahakarNagar in Pune. There are more than 5 total trails starting with 3 and then branching off into more. Do visit this place around sunrise or sunset. The biodiversity is worth noticing. any almost any point in time there is a minimum one variety of tree in bloom. the small flowering shrubs are almost all around the year. There are some points where water is available (typically for watering the plants). You can also see the Huge sign of "Singhad Institues" from the park. If you are staying in pune, a visit here is a must. Near the entrance are a line of Bhel and refreshment stalls and a Baba Ramdev Sports center set up during the recent commonwealth games at pune. There is a Taljai mata temple (the taljai tekdi is named after the taljai mata mandir) right near the entrance. on the way up to the Taljai Tekdi is the taljai ground where you often see young men engaged in a game of cricket. During the monsoon you can see beautiful butterflies in a sharp contrast to the green background. Inside the forest you can see some mud and thached huts. Kids enjoy the nature at the Taljai tekdi in pune.
On the way back one can visit the amazing Aba Bagul Park to see the transformation of a toad to a beautiful princess and visit the Laxmi mata temple adjacent to the park.
Entry fee: free
Facilities: parking for 2 and 4 wheelers
Where is it? Wikimapia or at Map it

Making a form element readonly in firefox

Often we write<input name="foo" value="boo" type="text"> to make an input element readonly not realizing that this is incorrect because IE is ok with it.

The only valid value for the readonly attribute is "readonly". IE by the mere presence of the attribute makes it readonly but not firefox.
So to make the form element readonly in firefox we need to write it as <input name="foo" value="boo" readonly="readonly" type="text">
To verify I have created a 2 form fields you can test it in IE and firefox.

readonly attribute without any value

readonly attribute with readonly as value

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Vartak Udyan / Garden, Pune

Vartak Garden, PuneAdjacent the riverside road in the Pune peth area lies the beautiful Vartak Garden. The garden is located right next to ancient Mutheshwar Mandir. The garden has lush green lawn and a nice walkway in the shape of an "8" for pleasant walk. Since this is a pretty green spot in the otherwise barren peth area, it is a pretty sight to watch the birds chirp. Vartak Garden, PuneIf you are lucky you may catch a koel / maina like I did. In the park there is a place for groups to hold some events in the open air theater. Vartak Garden, PuneAn old wall of the Pune fort his also present in the vartak udyan / Garden. Kids love this wall and climb on the top. Vartak Garden, PuneThe play area is well maintained but small consisting of only a handful of items. Vartak Garden, PuneIn the center of the park lies a covered area where yoga classes are held on weekends.
Vartak Garden, PuneThe bamboo grove makes it a pretty pleasant site covering the buildings behind. There is no entry fee to the park. Do visit the Mutheshwar temple adjacent to the Vartak garden in Pune
Facilities: Drinking water / restrooms/ play area/ two wheeler parking
Timings: morning till 10:30am and evening till 8:00pm
Where is it?: Map it, Wikimapia

Empress garden, Pune

If you are in Pune and have not visited the Empress garden you certainly are missing something. Empress garden is one of the few gardens in Pune where there is something for every age be it a toddler / young kids, teens, couples or aged persons.
Empress Garden, Pune
For the Toddlers / young kids there is a huge play area and most of the items in the play area are working for a change.Empress Garden, Pune Some of the items worth mentioning are rope wall for climbing, pulley and the umbrella ride. Besides this there are other slides / swings. Empress garden, Pune
There is also a nice stream of water that flows from inside the garden. Empress Garden, PuneWater comes from a water source that flows near the garden. On a warm day kids enjoy playing in the water (water is less than knee deep for the toddlers).
For the teens they can enjoy the open area and climbing on trees and playing in the stream of water. The couples can enjoy some privacy in the solitude of nature, there is ample of space for everyone. For the aged there is a nana nani park inside the Empress garden where only aged persons are allowed. Dont forget to take the horse ride inside (though its a small ride but its fun. There is also a softy ice-cream vendor and a canteen to grab a bite.
Empress garden, Pune
Do take a camera to take a picture of yourself with the 2 elephants (statue but really worth it) in the garden.
Empress Garden, Pune
The antique chairs are also worth sitting to bring out that nostalgia feel.
Empress Garden, Pune
There is an annual flower show at the park which is worth the visit.
Facilities: Restroom, Drinking water, snack joint, ice-cream outlet, parking
Entry fee: Rs 5 per head
Parking: Rs 5 per head
Park timings: 9:30am to 6:30pm (they are particularly strict on the timings and start shooing folks away from 6:15 itself.
Where is it: Map it, Wikimapia

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