Saturday, April 03, 2010

Configuring tomcat and JSTL for lazy folks

Configuation of JSTL for tomcat for lazy folks.
Often people do not want to spend time in configuration
For them the steps are mentioned below

if you have tomcat already setup and running go to step 6
1. Download java sdk 1.6 from the location Java sdk
2. Install Java
3. Download tomcat6 from the location Tomcat (use the proper version for your OS)
4. extract tomcat zip to a folder say tomcat
5. Start tomcat by going into the tomcat\bin folder and hitting startup.bat
6. Download JSTL library from JSTL
7. extract the lib folder into the WEB-INF folder, i.e. the files should look as
8. your setup is ready, restart tomcat and you are good to go.

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