Saturday, March 05, 2011

Migrating from access database to mysql

Access has a powerful GUI for desiging tables and specifying relationships which Mysql doesnt have, this makes it much easier to do the design, but for production access is not a database of choice which typically is mysql or oracle or MSSQL server, while moving from access to MSSQL is straight forward, its relatively easy to move from access to mysql or oracle too.
create an odbc connection for mysql or oracle as the case may be, then export the tables from access to the odbc (of mysql or oracle), you may need to specify some mappings but thats straight fwd.
Once you have the db to mysql you can get the sql scripts easily.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Configuring tomcat and JSTL for lazy folks

Configuation of JSTL for tomcat for lazy folks.
Often people do not want to spend time in configuration
For them the steps are mentioned below

if you have tomcat already setup and running go to step 6
1. Download java sdk 1.6 from the location Java sdk
2. Install Java
3. Download tomcat6 from the location Tomcat (use the proper version for your OS)
4. extract tomcat zip to a folder say tomcat
5. Start tomcat by going into the tomcat\bin folder and hitting startup.bat
6. Download JSTL library from JSTL
7. extract the lib folder into the WEB-INF folder, i.e. the files should look as
8. your setup is ready, restart tomcat and you are good to go.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3d or not to 3d, that is the question

Recently 2 largest companies launched 3D TV. P to go out and blow a wad of money for it? Think again. Here are some reasons why you might not want to do so...
1. Too less content
2. High cost of content manufacturing
3. High cost of content delivery

Imagine blowing a wad for watching one or two movies...
Nah not now

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Positioning a logo at the bottom

To position a logo at the bottom in Firefox is easily achieved by the below code

some logo

if you want it to work in IE then you need to include the doc type as below

hope it helps.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Free online obfuscated for PHP

Was looking for some free PHP obfuscator. found one at cheers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleep well to improve immunity

Dr Sarika Rakshe, Paediatrician highlights the importance of sleep. Getting enough sound sleep helps boost immunity in humans. Sound sleep ensures our body has different paths of protein synthesis which improves the natural defence system agains bacteria and virus.
Another important aspect is a good diet. Avoid junk food and instead give Vitamin C and A rich fruits and vegetables like Guava, lemon, oranges, sprouts, spinach, carrots, leafy vegetables which help build the build the immune system.
Adding a small amount of lemon grass, tulsi leaves, ginger in regular tea or daily cuisine also boosts immunity.
Fluids are also important to replenish the water in the body of the child. If there is sufficient water, the dehydration effect will be less and the child will feel less tired, thus stronger against viral attacts

How to make children eat healthy snacks

Dr Babu Joseph, Director of National Institute of Naturopathy highlights the importance of Snacks as an important part of child's diet.To ensure that children snack is appropriate and healthy and with interest, the parents need to prepare and make delicious and nutritious dishes. Making it decorative in shapes, colours, appealing smell and tasty will ensure that the child will eat it with enthusism.
There are lots of different food itemts which give different colours, smell and taste to the food that will impress the children. For example
Carrots give a orangish hue.
Beetroots give a reddish hue
Coconuts give a distinct flavour
Spinnach or palakh give a greenish hue
Oranges give a tangy flavour.
Visual appeal of the food decides whether children will eat the food with interest. Dates stuffed with coconut mixed with jaggery syrup can be given since it is high in nutritional value. If a nut(dry-fruit) is added, it gives more nutritious value as it contains maximum minerals and glucose, proteins, fat and omega 3 and 6 factors can be derived through this.
Another easy food are ladoos such as mixed nut ladoo, mixed cereal millets ladoo, mixed fruits sweet and many more natural items that are rich in nutritional values. These can be added to children’s tiffin boxes for eating in their snack time.
The children will grow/ develop strong muscles and pure blood. They will also develop positive habits and positive thinking.
if we prepare healthy nutritional snacks then the habits of junk/ fast food will reduce promoting healty kids

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