Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleep well to improve immunity

Dr Sarika Rakshe, Paediatrician highlights the importance of sleep. Getting enough sound sleep helps boost immunity in humans. Sound sleep ensures our body has different paths of protein synthesis which improves the natural defence system agains bacteria and virus.
Another important aspect is a good diet. Avoid junk food and instead give Vitamin C and A rich fruits and vegetables like Guava, lemon, oranges, sprouts, spinach, carrots, leafy vegetables which help build the build the immune system.
Adding a small amount of lemon grass, tulsi leaves, ginger in regular tea or daily cuisine also boosts immunity.
Fluids are also important to replenish the water in the body of the child. If there is sufficient water, the dehydration effect will be less and the child will feel less tired, thus stronger against viral attacts

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