Saturday, February 07, 2009

KaliBari Mandir, Khadki, Pune

The KaliBari Mandir at Khadki, Pune is the only Kali temple in Pune. It was build in Feb 1980. It started off as a temple build inside a humble hut and transformed into a stunning temple complex of white marble.
KaliBari temple, Khadki, Pune
The temple complex consists of 3 temples, the center one is the Kali temple, the one on the right is of Ganeshji while the left one is of Mahadevji. It not only compliments to the beauty and heritage of Pune but also is a landmark and a
Durga Puja is a Major attraction for all the Bengalis living in Pune. The temple has a nice meditation hall and is designed as the Kolkata's Kali Bari temple.
The canopy in front of the temple has been recently extended to accommodate the large number of devotees that thong the temple. The hall at the basement has been made which will be used for meditation, religious discourses and philanthropic activities.
KaliBari temple, Khadki, Pune
7pm, the time of Sandhya Aarti, is the best time to visit the temple to pray to go goddess Kali in the authentic Bengali way.
The temple is located on Park road, off Aundh Road, near the Khadki railway station.
Where is it?: Map it
Facilities: Water, Shoe rack, parking
Membership to the temple, though the temple is open to all, if you are interested in Life Membership (Rs 1500/-) or Patron membership (Rs 5000/-) its available.

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