Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inserting Flash swf into microsoft applications

Often I have been asked how to insert a flash swf into powerpoint / word / excel documents. I have tried to list the steps the user needs to perform in order to add a flash swf into PowerPoint / Word / Excel documents
The basic requirement is that the PC needs a flash player (so does the PC where you need to send the MS office document)
1. Start your MS office program.
2. Click View menu-> Toolbars-> Control Toolbox
3. On the control Toolbox click on the more controls button (see Image) A list of controls shall appear.
4. Select the "Shockwave Flash Object" the list shall disappear and the mouse cursor shall turn into an cross-hair cursor.
5. Draw a rectangle on the document, (you can change the position / size later on)
6. Right click on the object and select properties, A window with a list of properties shall appear
7. In the movie property type the path of the flash swf file and set the embedmovie property to true

Thats it... you are done.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Help the birds keep cool

This summer the temperature rose over 40'C and its still just the start of April. Vanishing puddles and concrete houses, lack of trees and no water to drink, that is the saga of the poor birds. There was so many birds which died of dehydration in the recent heat wave that makes one think that should we not do something for the poor creatures?
The basic angel side of you needs to actually come out and ensure that you can do your 1cw for the birds.
Bird drinking water at a bird water bowl
Provide some "bajra" or "jowari" for the birds with water and they will appreciate your concern for them. The Bajra or Jowari may cost you a buck or two but it helps the birds. Also the water bowl in your balcony will help the birds get rehydrated and they may take a dip in the water bowl cooling them from the intense heat. If you have some overripe fruits (which anyways are going to land in the bin) then that would do the poor birds a good deal.
If you are going fancy with a bird bowl then make sure its 2-3 inches deep with a shallow edge where the birds can sit.
Who knows you may get a variety of birds visiting your bowl

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